The Best of Old Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican and Reformed theology!

Proclaiming Christ with the Historic Church in the Parish Setting

The Independent Old Catholic Church


What We Believe

Old Catholics accept the Infallible  teaching of Scripture, the Early Church Creeds and 7 Ecumenical Councils. In 1823 Archbishop Willibrord of Utrecht wrote the following: "We accept without any exception whatever, all the Articles of the Holy Catholic Faith. We will never hold or teach, now or afterwards, any other opinion than those which have been decreed, determined and published by our Mother, Holy Church." Thus, Old Catholics trace their Apostolic Succession to the Apostles, participate in the full sacramental ministry of the Church.

The Rule of Faith of Old Catholics is faithful adherence to Sacred Scripture and the Apostolic Tradition.

What Makes Us Different

We are "Catholic without being Roman; Orthodox, without being Eastern; Evangelical, without being Protestant."  We seek to do no more and no less than live out the living faith of the Ancient Christian Church.  We see the Church as the pillar and foundation of the truth expressed through Word and Sacraments.  Therefore, we  reject any authority of the Bishop of Rome (The Pope) or Culture (e.g. entertainment,  humanistic psychology, fads, etc.) in any Old Catholic affairs. 

Our Ministry Approach

We develop new methods of ministry, when needs become apparent. In recent times older citizens are moving into extended care facilities, and they welcome Services and Sacraments. An excellent and needed work for our clergy, many of whom are active professionals and often just have limited time to serve.  We appeal to those who desire the joy and peace of Our Lord's Word and His Holy Sacraments.

In July of 1931 a Concordat was declared between Utrecht and Canterbury which recognized the validity of Orders and Doctrine of the two Churches.  We feel the Holy Spirit is guiding the ministry of the Independent Old Catholic Church, which was organized in 1991 under the guidance of Bishop Maurice McCormick.  At that time there were two clergy (McCormick and LeMesurier) today there are over 125 Clergy in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Africa.  We develop new methods of ministry when needs become apparent. ​ We bring the services and sacraments to those who need and welcome them.  We exist to serve those who desire the joy and peace of Our Lord's Word and His Holy Sacraments. This is an excellent and needed work for our clergy.  Many of whom are active professionals and often have limited time to serve.

Our Style

"Come and See that the Lord is good!"  This familiar phrase in both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures simply yet profoundly describes us.

We are truly committed to Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of All.  

We believe that the Word and the Sacraments are the Gifts of God for everyone, and that the Church's role is not to restrict, redirect or reduce the glorious Grace of God, but to receive it, adore it, and proclaim it to all people. 

Your Invitation

We invite you to learn more about the IOCC and the programs of study at Agape Seminary.   You will find a Church that is accessible and open.  If you are interested in considering parish ministry, you will find our process is one that encourages and promotes your place in serving our Dear Lord, and His Precious Church!